Unable to see the changes in the browser after completing all the instructions

Hi all,
As per the instructions I made the required changes, but I am unable to see any change in the local host browser of code cademy, from the very beginning but still tried every instructions expecting it to work at the end. I refreshed my browser and also the localhost of codecademy but I am unable to see any change. Is this a bug? Please help me.

Thanks in advance!
here is the link to my code

I was able to reproduce this issue by removing the comma,

  getInitialState: function () {
    return { color: [85, 170, 255] };

I also found that we need to refresh the localhost browser a couple of times.

Thank you for responding :slight_smile: , I removed the comma but couldn’t see any change. But removing comma is against the key value notation of the object as every object must be seperated by comma when there is more than one object. I also refreshed local host browser many times but still it’s the same, I think it’s a bug.

We need that comma. I just removed it to see what would happen. Sorry to mislead. I should have asked which step are you on?

Okay, never mind your fine, I am done with all the instructions I am not stuck at any but not able to see the change in the browser.

This project can be completed with expected output. Having done it from start to finish I’m not able to reproduce this scenario without deliberately introducing an error, or making one as I go. When the code is correct, the output is there. I did make a point of refreshing twice each time. If two isn’t enough, there is an issue in the code.

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