Unable to see/display the table or any images containing "&" in their code


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Hi, has anyone else had this problem before? If yes, how did you fix it? Please see screenshot attached. Thanks


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The two image URL’s may refer to images that are not intended for hotlinking from other domains. This is common. We must be sure the website is okay with us linking to their images since it is taking bandwidth from them, not Codecademy. That’s one possibility, anyway. Another could be a incorrectly encoded or corrupted URL.

A safe place to link to for images is Wikipedia. They are pretty clear about what they wish to share, or not. Image sharing sites are also explicitly for that purpose so again, no problem.

Hi mtf,

Thanks for the reply. The problem is that this image (of the table) is not mine but the one provided by the codecademy exercise which i can’t finish for that reason :frowning:
Apart from this, I appreciate your advice - I did link quite a few images in previous exercises that did not display and even then I noticed it had something to do with this “&” sign in the link, so had to look for replacement images.

But this time is different… I guess I have to find a way to pass this exercises without seeing what I’m doing :grin:

If nothing else, right click the codecademy logo above and select, Copy image location, then use that URL. There will be no cross-domain issues, and the encoding will be correct.

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