Unable to see any source code in my project or run any code

I am unable to see any source code in my project or run any code. It is as if the window is hidden and there appears to be no way to make it appear. I only see result window. This is for Jammming project.

Hi. Do you want to post a screenshot so we can see what you mean? Also what browser are you using? The individual sections in the Codecademy tutorials can be collapsed or expanded, and you may have inadvertently collapsed the coding section.

Sure here it is…

Am using Firefox and Brave. I figured with Brave there could be issues but also seeing same in Firefox

Oh, I see what you mean. It appears like that in my browser, too. Is this project supposed to be completed off-site?

omg you are correct. yes it is completed off-site. i feel embarrassed lol. i had started this project about two months ago and never finished and i am hear scratching my head as to why I cannot see code.

Thank you anyway for your help! smh lol

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