Unable to Run Full Outer Join

Hello! I’m working on question 7 of “Extra Practice - VR Startup Company”.

I tried to run this query:

select *
from projects as p
full outer join employees as e
on p.project_id = e.current_project
where e.position = 'Developer';

But it doesn’t run. When I run the same query as “join” or “left join”, it works just fine. But “full outer join” doesn’t work.

I found this article - FULL OUTER JOIN - and I’m pretty sure I’m doing this right, but it’s not working.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hey @brandoncroft01 ,

You were not doing anything wrong.

This article notes that SQLite does not support FULL OUTER JOIN and a combination of UNION ALL and LEFT JOIN to achieve the same result. It’s something to keep in mind when working with SQL, there are subtle differences to all the different ones.

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Ahhhh, there’s my problem. Thank you! Yeah now I’ll know to be more aware of the limitations of whatever variation of SQL I’m using. Tricky that there’s obvious message telling me if my query has a flaw or I’m just trying to use a command that isn’t supported.

Yeah so I wanted to try doing a full outer join in order to see which projects had no 'Developer’s and which ‘Developers’ had no projects.