Unable to reset password


I’ve been on codecademy for a while and recently lost my password. After several attempts to retrieve it, I’m now at a loss on what to try next, so hoping someone here can help me. I’ve tried the normal ‘reset my password’ button, but did not receive an e-mail with a reset link (yes I did check the spam folder). I looked through the trouble shooting guide and as suggested there I checked if the account was created using a 3rd party (it is not). After this I’ve pressed the ‘submit a request’ button, explained my problem and hoped for an answer there. But it’s been several weeks since then, and I am yet to receive a reply. I am sure that the e-mail I submitted is the right one as well. So I’ve exhausted about every way I could think of to try to reset my password without results. I’d rather not create a new account, due to progress I had already made that will be lost. Any idea’s on how to fix this?
Curious thing: when going to the forums it automatically logged me into my account (with the e-mail I’m trying to use to go to Codecademy), however it seems restricted to the forum part.

That is curious :confused:

@danieloduffy ??

That is strange - login to the forum is linked to your account login for Codecademy proper, you shouldn’t be able to log in here without being logged in there.

Overwhelmingly when password reset problems happen, it’s because you signed up using a third party. I manually sent you a password reset email to the address associated with your forums account. Other than that, I’m not sure how I can help, I’m afraid.

The customer support team can help more than me! Reach them here.


And it seems I did not receive that e-mail either. While I did get an e-mail telling me about your reply here, there isn’t a reset password e-mail anywhere…