Unable to print the correct working directory in the right location

I’m on the Bicycle World project for cmd and it is asking me to:

Print the working directory. If you ever get lost, you can return to this directory using cd.

It should output


But when I run


or I try to navigate to /home/ccuser/workspace/bicycle-world-ii, it fails saying no such file or directory. Did I miss a step somewhere?

You ran pwd entirely by its self?

How about using cd .. to try moving back a directory?


here is the hint:

However here is what I’m entering (exactly as the hint states)

Check your spelling on the directory you are trying to go to.

cd /home/ccuser/workspace/bicycle-world-li
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Classic! Well I’m more aware now thank you :grinning:


A single mistyped character can certainly get in the way.

I have spent upwards of half an hour trying to find an error in my code, just to find one mistyped variable :joy:

Sometimes you gotta step back and look for the small things.

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