Unable to open local URL with my browser after the folder/file had been created. The browser always taking me to other Google search. Help

Stuck on this step.

Unable to open my local URL page on the browser.

When I type in the URL address in browser tab and enter:

It just gave me a google search results that didn’t take me to my local URL webpage.


You may have to provide the full file path, which starts with the letter representing the hard drive.

You can also try opening the HTML file with your browser by right clicking it, clicking the ‘open with’ button, and selecting your browser.

What would be the letter representing the hard drive? I use a Mac operating system.

Never-mind figured it out!
Instead of copy pasting the incomplete address into the browser, I went into the Document folder, where I created the file, and open it by choosing the browser with a right click like you said.
Thank you for the help!

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I don’t use anything Apple so I can’t say for sure. In Windows the main hardrive is usally D.

You can probably look in your file system and see, but if not I would recomend googling it.