Unable to Input Information

I am on Exercise 1 and I am unable to connect so that I can input information in code editor. I am trying to learn this so that I can have a basic understanding of SQL for potential job opportunities. I’ve uploaded an image showing what my problem is. Thank you in advance for any help!

First you need to get that little red circle in the top, right to turn green.

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We’re having the same issue, and I’ve tracked down the cause.

The web browser is unable to communicate with


Why this is happening for you, I don’t know, but for us it’s because the method of connection for that site does not pass (Active Directory) credentials via our proxy server, so the proxy server rejects the connection.

The only solution for us is for Codeacademy to implement this.

i cannot answer or do anything to the code editor and cant type at all someone pls help me