Unable to get Yelp API outside US - Ravenous Part 4

Guys, having a problem signing up to Yelp for the Ravenous part 4 project . I am not from the US and a quick Google search says that yelp is probably blocking my IP because I am not from the US.

The specific error when trying to sign up…

Oops, Yelp is overworked right now.

Solutions suggest to use a VPN to sign up and later use it every time to make a request. Is there any other way because I don’t want someone to use VPN to use my project.

Hi there, welcome to the forums!

The error, Oops, Yelp is overworked right now. would suggest that they’ve implemented some rate limiting - perhaps to manage a temporary spike in traffic.

If you try again later, it might work. :slight_smile:

I also thought the same but upon searching on google I found a similar question (Unable to get Yelp API outside US - Ravenous Part 4) whose answer is that someone who is not from U.S. can’t use that.
Also I have been trying for almost a day but no result.

I have been able to find a GitHub issue which describes a similar problem:

Admittedly a few years old, but it’s possible that you might be able to contact Yelp and enquire about whether they are blocking/limiting you and whether they can lift it. :slight_smile:

Apparently, they are blocking IP addresses outside of US. it would be awesome if you guys could provide an alternate way to finish up that project cuz right now my web development pathway is at 98% and it…bothers me -.- pls update. pls.

Hi there.

I’m not sure that’s quite what’s happening, as I’m based in Europe and have no issue querying the API.

I’d encourage you to approach the Yelp API team and enquire as to whether you’ve temporarily acquired a previously-blocked IP from your ISP.

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