Unable to get Yelp API outside US - Ravenous Part 4

Guys, having a problem signing up to Yelp for the Ravenous part 4 project. I am not from the US and a quick Google search says that yelp is probably blocking my ip because I am not from the US.

The specific error when trying to sign up…

Oops, Yelp is overworked right now.

Solutions given by a Google search are to use a proxy server.

However, I am wondering if someone can share a non-used yelp API credentials from a temp email account or something that I can use for this project.

Any ideas? Tks.


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Chances are, if your IP is being blocked from signing up for Yelp, it’ll be blocked from making API requests, regardless of the credentials…

See this CNET article for information on VPNs, which will allow you to use a proxy server from another location.

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Thanks @825orion. Looks like the only option. I sped read through the article and sounds like a plan. I’ll try to find one that allows a free subscription for a few days since it doesn’t make sense to pay just for a single exercise :smiley:.

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