Unable to execute sqlite3.exe with GITBASH

At the moment, i am learning SQL on codecademy. The tutorial recommends me to download GITBASH to use as terminal and SQLITE3 to install SQL on my PC. However, i tried to execute sqlite3.exe with an SQL exmaple data on GITBASH but it seems that the terminal keeps running and showing no result. Does anyone have any suggestion to resolve this issue?

I have the same problem, no response.

Hey luissurez.

You need to change path and set some path default stuff to let git bash execute sql.
However, you have to use the database software to use sql more effectively anyway.

Please go to this link.


Install the db browser and perform the analytic on the software.
Wish this help you, pal.

Thank you!
Here’s another solution in case you want to use SQLite.