Unable to Continue Inside pubdate (5.Filters II)

I added a pubdate as a third property of “product” and the system is not letting me continue to step #2: In index.html inside p class=“date”, display the product’s pubdate.

Here’s my code. Any idea what I am missing?

app.controller('MainController', ['$scope', function($scope) { 
  $scope.title = 'Influential French Philosophers'; 
  $scope.promo = 'Buy one, get one free!';
  $scope.product = {
      name: 'The Book of Trees', 
      price: 19, 
      pubdate: new Date('2014', '03', '08')

Did you click Run? If so, try to refresh the page and see what happens.

That was the trick! I pressed F5 and refreshed the page, and I was allowed to continue. The page must have been in a weird state.

Thanks for your help!!

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