Unable to connect


Couple of days (three in a row) got an issue with “unable to connect to codecademy” on every course. Trying out various browsers, but every time there is the same trouble. Does there something i can do to continue my code-journey?

Hi there, and welcome to the community!

You might first want to read this:

And then, if nothing solves your issue, read this thread:

Thank you for the tip. However, I read these tops and tried connecting from different browsers (chrome, firefox, edge). I was cleaning the cookies, and even tried to connect through my old account. The result is always the same. The connection is reliable, the firewall does not block anything, there are no connection problems on other resources.

Please help me. Still can’t connect. Previously the message about inability to connect appeared after a few seconds of waiting, now I see it instantly. Maybe there is some optimal time of day for connection or something like that? Every day I try to connect to the lesson several times, but the result is always the same.

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