Unable to connect to codecademy

I was here some time ago and finished many courses. Now after over a year I am back and want to learn some new topics. But I get the error message Unable to connect to codecademy. I can’t use the editor and see the preview. After some research on google I tried the to login with another user data from a friend and everything was working. So there is no problem with the browser or the connection but only with my user. I tried different browsers on different computers and nothing helped. I’d like to avoid to lose all my progress. Is there another solution?

Are you still able to log in with your credentials and view the courses on your Dashboard ?

Yes, I logged in at this moment from a different place with a different computer on Ubuntu. Yesterday I was at home with Windows. No difference. I can see my dashboard and all courses. I can see, which courses I finished and I can see my account data. But when I try to work in a course, the editor doesn’t work. But at all places in all browser I can log in with the credentials of my friend and the editor works fine.

These are the error messages in the console, when I open the editor:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) vendor-5b20088….js:49 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Internal Server Error at d.<anonymous> (vendor-5b20088….js:49) at d.r.emit (vendor-5b20088….js:111) at XMLHttpRequest.n.onreadystatechange (vendor-5b20088….js:49) at XMLHttpRequest.nrWrapper (em?action=lesson_resume:7)

These are the error messages, when my friend opens the editor:

Service Worker termination by a timeout timer was canceled because DevTools is attached. pixel:1 GET https://pixel.rubiconproject.com/tap.php?v=7751&nid=2249&expires=30&put=CAESEGhkXDfdpk303_ZiIS4kapY&google_cver=1 net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT pixel:1 GET https://ad.yieldlab.net/m?dt_id=52&ext_id=CAESENVEXI5KyMitSlJ-hctYUeI&google_cver=1 net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT www.google.com/pagead/ga-audiences?v=1&aip=1&t=sr&_r=4&tid=UA-25136408-1&cid=854484359.1494837760&jid=1985577951&_v=j54&z=70402630:1 GET https://www.google.com/pagead/ga-audiences?v=1&aip=1&t=sr&_r=4&tid=UA-25136408-1&cid=854484359.1494837760&jid=1985577951&_v=j54&z=70402630 net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT