Unable to Connect to Codecademy

Hi Codecademy!

I am unable to continue with my lesson for 3 days now due to this error message. I have tried using IE and Chrome and it does not work. I also tried Clearing my cache and cookies.

I pressed “Restart this exercise” but it gets stuck at restoring.

I have decided to create a new thread because the other one is already buried and no response from the staff.

Please help us! Thank you!

any moderators that can help or update us?

@inyi12 Codecademy is aware of this issue and looking into it. I’ll post an update if I hear more from them on it.

Do you have any addons or browser settings that might be blocking Codecademy’s network requests?

Not that I am aware of. It used to be working fine, then one day it just
stopped working. I can still access the whole Codecademy website though.

@inyi12 I was experiencing a similar issue a few days ago, but not anymore. I’m guessing it’s just an odd intermittent error. My only advice is to keep trying, and hope the team can track it down quickly.

I’m having the same issue involving the code editor in the Learn Java course.

The code editor is trying to connect and afterwards comes up with the “Unable to connect to Codecademy” message.

It’s been a week now and nothing. No update

I was on my school when it happened, and it worked when I got home. It may be due to your network in some way.

Hi, I think I have the same problem, but only in the “Learn the Command Line” lesson. I tried the “Deploy a website” lesson, and it’s connected fast.
I tried the “make a website” lesson and it connected too.
Only the Command Line lesson which says: “Lost Connection to Codecademy”.
I tried it with chrome and with firefox so maney times since last thursday.

What can I do? Is it a special firewall problem (It can be, but if is it, why connect any other lesson and why not the command line?) or else?

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