Unable to connect to Codecademy

Help please!
Whenever I try to practice coding at school (part of a project I chose) it gives me the message “Unable to connect to Codecademy”. It has worked before at school, but it suddenly stopped today. I saw this discussed in another topic but I cannot change my browser as I am on a chromebook, and changing browsers was the solution to the other post. I am hoping it is temporary and eventually it will go away but it is important that I get work done so any replies would be appreciated.


@yellowbone11 ,

Thank you for flagging this problem to us. So that we can better understand what caused this issue and have the best chance of solving it, would you kindly provide us with as much of the following information as possible?

  • Which exercise(s)/course(s) are you experiencing this issue with? Please include a direct URL to the problem area if possible
  • Which web browser (and which version of that browser) are you using?
  • What operating system + version are you using?
  • From where (city + country) are you using Codecademy?
  • At what time(s) did you experience this problem?
  • If applicable, please take screenshots of the issue!
  • Please describe the issue you’re experiencing in as much detail you can and provide steps so that a developer can try to replicate the issue: having all the details and being able to replicate something is often a crucial component for fixing issues!

With all of this information, we’ll be able to forward this on to Codecademy staff so that they know what’s going on.

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Hi sir
I too have the same problem in 2nd part of if/else statement in learn JavaScript.

I am using chrome.

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