Unable to Connect to Codecademy

I have begun experiencing an issue where if I exit out of a lesson or project and then try to return to it, it gets stuck on “connecting to Codecademy” and the lesson never loads. This just started happening in the last day or two as I have been working through the React and Learn Git courses. Lessons and projects where I have experienced this are: Poem Fiasco, Recipe Book, Intro to JSX, Advanced JSX, and Your First React Component.

I have tried using a different browser, closing and restarting my browser, and restarting my computer. None of these fix the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any idea why it happens or what can be done about it? Any help would be greatly appreciated as it is extremely frustrating.


Same. I have it with Introduction to JS. Very annoying. I hope it can be fixed soon!

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Code Challenges: Javascript Fundamentals

I have a similar issue, I can read the lesson text but other components are not working.

Tried connecting from different browsers etc. I hope the issue will be fixed soon.

Unable to connect to Codecademy too, I can see the instructions but the terminal wont load/connect.

Been trying for about an hour with different browsers, deleted history, cache etc.

Hope it gets fixed soon!

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The Codecademy Engineering team had addressed this issue – everything should be working just fine now. If you are still experiencing issues with the learning environment, please reply here. I’d be happy to look into it for you – @alebricio @hiroa @system1129045828 @method3835719473



Hello i also have an issue it says that i am unable to connect to Codeacademy. I have been trying to get through the article challenges on functions and its still showing that loading screen. However when it lets me do the challenges like in the middle of them a message pops up that says “you have been disconnected from your session” and sometimes it wouldn’t even let me click the “click here to retry” link

Hello, I am experiencing this issue right now. It is constantly ‘connecting to codecademy’ in the lesson. It was working fine about an hour or so ago for me and then started doing this.

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I am experiencing the same problem right now, but like @m1k3 it was working 30 minutes ago but now it has been trying to ‘connect to Codecademy’ for the past 15 minutes. I have tried opening the lesson on chrome and safari but both browser are displaying the same problem. What could the problem be? I am just curious.

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I’m also unable to connect to a lesson like this. It was working earlier today but no longer is.

I have also been experiencing this problem for the last couple of days…

This is still the problem

Hi all. Our engineering team was handling some backend updates yesterday to support more traffic coming to our site––this is likely the reason you may have had trouble connecting /staying connected while in the learning environment.

For the future, you can always defer to our Help Center for a quick update – our Customer Support team will post a butter bar anytime our engineering team is doing work on the site that may cause lag in the learning environment (i.e., the site is down, maintenance is taking place, etc.).

@user_pratik @nosysolid @web5597260753 @celestemelissa @m1k3 @board2446328126

Additionally, here are troubleshooting steps we recommend you follow for resolving common connection issues.

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thank you for the response and information. I must have overlooked the banner on the help center page. it blends in quite well with the top of the page.

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In introduction to JavaScript the chapter on functions won’t load. I can see the theory and text but the coding editor won’t load. I have tried it on 3 different computers. I have an admission test in 2 days for my dream school and I need to study this so I hope it gets fixed soon!

Hi lilybird.

Thanks for keep us informed! But I am experiencing the same problem the m1k3 reported.

It worked fine during throughout the day, until an hour ago (19:30 UTC/GMT -3 hours, Brazil time), but now the connection to the learning environment was lost, and seems to be unable to reconnect.

I’m concerned because I was almost finishing a selection process that is based on the Codecademy Ruby Course, and my deadline is running out today!

If you have some news, please, keep us informed!

Thank you!

I’m also having the same issue, in SQL.

Having the same issue here


I waited for hours…

Can’t connect to Codeacademy

hi , i’m facing the same issue , connecting to code academy

yes i am experiencing the same problem