Unable to connect to codecademy


So recently at the school I work at we have been having some issues with codecademy’s platform. The python course does not connect and shows a loading wheel and SQL courses show a red icon saying "unable to connect to codecademy.

Now some of you are going to say that its our school filtering system but trust me I have gone through all of the available code for these courses and whitelisted the following url’s: ( due to only being able to post two url’s I have put them in a list using pastebin)


However, whitelisted these url’s/domains did not work. To make sure this was not a github.com issue I temporarily whitelisted github for testing and was still unable to use python and SQL courses.

For the technical information I was using the following to test each url once they were whitelisted:

Operating system - Windows 7
Browser - Google Chrome

Does anyone know what else I could whitelist or try to fix this issue?

Thank you

Hi @swainy41,

Could you monitor your browser console as you load (or reload) an exercise page for one of the courses causing trouble, and let us know what shows up in it?

I’m interested to hear if you spot any clues for this.

I had another question very much like this one and have submitted a request for help from the engineers. As far as I know, there has been no solution yet.

If we can get you sorted here @swainy41 then we can add your information to that other request.

I will have to look at changing people permissions since developer console is disabled via google policy gpo’s.

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If I manage to fix this issue, I will update this forum and look at the code today when I get a chance.

Thank you for all your help :slight_smile:

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Hello after further troubleshooting today I was able to get python and learn SQL to work on my test student account:

I had to whitelisted the following urls/domain:


I will no if this works on a bigger scaled at 14:10 due to me doing a classroom test.

Hope this helps!


How did your testing turn out @swainy41?

It has become the issue of on one machine with the same user login codecademy works and on another machine same user login codecadmey doesn’'t work which is weird. I am guess maybe its a GPO related issue or some hidden server

So you have it narrowed down to just one machine now?

At this point, can you tell if all your whitelisting was necessary?

i don’t see why it would be that machine though when others don’t work to. Whitelisting was worth it just need to review it since our network is locked down more due to unforeseen circumstances