Unable to connect to Codecademy. Refresh the page to reconnect

The topics that are the same/similar have been closed. I followed the steps in " Connection Lost in Codecademy’s Learning Environment" without the expected result which was being connected to Codecademy. When I go to the prior page (“Back”) there is a connection, however when I click on “Next” there is no connection. Is there an option to resolve this issue without waiting for days or weeks to see if website will correct?
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Hello @ewhite7469,

Can you try closing and re-opening the browser session again?

For next time, include the link in your post so someone can easily check for you.

I have rebooted, followed the steps in Conncection Lost in Codecademy’s Learning Environment and still not connecting.
When “Back” is clicked on to the previous page there is a connection. I had the same results in Chrome and Firefox which are both current.
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Has there been updated information on the issue of not being able to connect to Codecademy? I have been on Google and it seems this is a recurring issue. I have switched to using Chrome instead of Firefox with the same results. Also, went through the steps on the “Connection Lost in Codecademy’s Learning Environment” document again without issue being corrected. I reset Introduction to HTML (1 - 5) in hopes that when I reached 6 it would correct, which it did not.

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Hmmm, I’m sorry this continues for you. @mattliv is this something you could look into for us?

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I think someone from Codecademy will help you out. I think others were able to access the page successfully. Sorry, I wasn’t able to help.

Still have problem till this day
I try to reload many time
waste for money for PRO