"Unable to connect to Codecademy. Refresh the page to connect."

I have been getting the error message “Unable to connect to Codecademy. Refresh the page to connect.” one multiple lessons for about 2 days now. I have tried many methods, including the ones in the Codecademy troubleshooting guide. None of them have worked. Help would be appreciated as this has grown to be very annoying.

same here, facing this issue since today morning

Hey @arc0875458763

Yeah, some of the users had this kind of issue. I’ve had it for 1 night also :man_shrugging:
You can see on Codecademy’s Discord such news/updates. This was noted by the devs/team, and they are working on it :+1:

As we make errors, so do others :smiley:

Don’t forget to reset your cache from time to time!


Thanks! I will definitely check out that discord, and it is good to know that they are working on it.

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I am also having the same issue. I get a message that says, “Unable to connect to Codecademy. Refresh the page to connect.” I refresh the page and it says, “Connecting to Codecademy…” for about one second, then I get the “Unable to connect to Codecademy. Refresh the page to connect.” message again. I am currently on the javascript lessons. I had this a few weeks ago with javascript and then went to finish up on some of the CSS courses. I did not experience the same issue on the CSS courses. I then came back to javascript a couple of weeks ago and had no issues until today. I have added all the sites on the allowlist, I have switched between Chrome and Firefox - I get the issue in both.

Hi there,

I’m getting the same problems on this page:

Loading the page with chrome dev tools open reveals an error in the page’s javaScript as follows:
Uncaught (in promise) open /home/ccuser/workspace/javascript-iterators-choose-iterator: no such file or directory

It would seem that a file is missing on the server, or the server won’t serve it upon the browser’s request.

In any case, this is quite annoying. I hope that Codecademy can help resolve the issue. I really wanna keep learning about JavaScript!

This is happening to me too! Anytime I check the solution code I get the “Unable to connect to Codecademy. Refresh the page to connect” that never goes away.

BUT! I figured out a quick solution to get out of the bug and continue the lesson. Hit the back button to go to the previous lesson page, then click next to return to your original lesson page. It should connect!



Thanks, it worked as chammmmmmmmmmm!

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