Unable to Connect to Codecademy (netpro85044)

Hey everyone, i am getting this “Not connected to codecademy” thing in few courses. this makes the editor or terminal pages unresponsive and i cant get through the course. !! Do anyone face the same issues?

Hey @netpro85044,

do you have a unstable connection maybe?

Or a running service/script which changes your IP-address every x seconds?
Afaik Code-Academy uses - like most pages - cookies/sessions. So you get disconnected from the terminal everytime your IP changes. <-- Just a theory, if that’s the case.

If the former is the case, you should check it. Maybe restarting the router will help?

Faced the same issue like you sometimes. In my case simply refreshing the page helped a lot. - but sometimes it can be a server-sided problem aswell.

Hope I could help you :slight_smile: