Unable to Connect to Codecademy (Marcelo)

Hi All, I have the same issue with all the courses. I tested behind a firewall, and without any firewall with a good internet connection, even with TOR, and it’s not working.
Any clue about this?

Could you post a screenshot of your whole browser so that we can see what you are seeing.

Also post:

  • your operating system
  • your web browser
  • are you behind a firewall (are you at school/work?)

I’m attaching the screenshot of the browser with the error on the upper right. “Unable to connect to Codeacademy” red box.
These is the data about my laptop:

  • OS X 10.10.4(Yosemite)
  • I tried with : Chrome, Firefox, Safari, always with the last version of each one.
  • I’m not behind a firewall, I have direct internet connection.
    By the way, I also tried with a Windows 7 Professional laptop, with Chrome and Firefox, with the same result.
    This issue is happening with all the course that I tried: Make a website, Learn Java and Learn AngularJS
    Thanks for your reply and feel free to contact me if you need more information.

When I try to connect to your Codecademy profile page I get a 404 error. Do you get the same? Have you ever deleted your account?

I’m having the same problem.
Tested on different versions of mac, windows, different browsers, internet connections…
Inspected the element and this link returns a 404: https://library.codecademy.com/users/50dc80010d6032949f00c118/workspaces/maw-2-0-unit-I-html-element/download