Unable to connect to Codecademy error - Control Flow, If statements 5/13

Please help! I get the dreaded “Unable to connect to Codecademy” error and red circle on lesson 5/13 in Control Flow (If statements). There doesn’t seem to be a way past it to complete the rest of the lessons. The prior lessons work fine (green light and connected to Codecademy message). I’ve cleared cookies, deleted history, and logged in on a different browser. This seems to be a CC issue. Is there a way around it?


That’s unfortunate to hear :frowning_face:

I can’t reciprocate the error, are you still experiencing it?

Yes I am. It seems to occur if I close my computer without finishing an entire section. I can confirm this because I started a new trial account to see if it was account-based, and on the new account, I had no problem navigating to that specific page. However, I went to a different section on the account (Code Challenge: Control Flow), and stopped at “Divisible by Ten.” I just went back to it this afternoon and I get the same error now on that page, although prior pages work perfectly well.

Let me get this to the team in charge.