Unable to connect to Codeacademy

Yesterday, I begun the learn git course at work and it was working fine. I went back to continue today and all it’s showing is an “Unable to connect to Codeacademy” message.
Relevant info:

  • using Windows 10 Pro
  • tried deleting my account and creating a new one
  • tried Chrome, Firefox and IE
  • tried other courses
    Have attached what it looks like…
    Thanks in advance

I’m having the same issue today with the Javascript and SQL courses. Tried in both Firefox and IE, cleared cache/cookies etc…still no luck. I assume its server issues.

For the last two days, I’ve been having the same problem with the Learn Git tutorial.
I can’t find any announcements anywhere saying there’s a server problem.
I’ve tried on several PC’s and on different browsers with no luck

Any updates on this @danieloduffy?

There aren’t any site outages or anything like that going on. First of all, I’d like to make sure that you aren’t behind some kind of firewall, we get lots of reports about users with websocket issues and their internet connection, and that’s usually what’s behind connection issues.

Check this out for more info:

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Getting the same error on three courses. This is on a work computer where the software canot be updated from what is installed.

Which exercise(s)/course(s) are you experiencing this
issue with? Please include a direct URL to the problem area if possible


Which web browser (and which version of that browser)
are you using? IE 11.0.9600.18537 and FireFox ESR 45.7.0

What operating system + version are you using? Windows
7 Enterprise, Service Pack 1

From where (city + country) are you using Codecademy?
Boise, Idaho, USA

At what time(s) did you experience this problem? Multiple
times over night, random days

Please describe the issue you’re experiencing in as much
detail you can and provide steps so that a developer can try to replicate
the issue: having all the details and being able to replicate
something is often a crucial component for fixing issues!

  1. Launch course
  2. Connecting to Codecademy thinks then fails and gives
    message “Lost connection to Codecademy”
  3. Terminal/Code Editor window is all grayed out and
    unable to be used
  4. Able to progress past fist page if nothing needs to be
    done in the code editor or terminal area
  5. Was able to finish the jQuery course just fine
  6. Tried ‘Learn Sass’ and got error
  7. Then tried ‘Deploy a Website’ and got error
  8. Was able to start and finish (over multiple days) the ‘jQuery’
  9. Then tried the first two courses and got the same
  10. Then tried ‘Learn ReactJS: Part 1’ and got the
    connection error

** Update **

Same thing with https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-angularjs/lessons/your-first-app/exercises/your-first-app-hello-angularjs-i?action=lesson_resume.

Then tried Python and it loaded just fine. (https://www.codecademy.com/courses/introduction-to-python-6WeG3/0/1?curriculum_id=4f89dab3d788890003000096)