Unable to connect to Codeacademy

Title, I can’t connect even though I have an internet connection and everything. Please help!

What error are you getting?
Send a screen shot


I’ll send a screenshot, but it is the dot in the upper right corner.

Ignore the blue lines and such.

I really want to learn, and I can’t connect. The screenshot above is what I’m getting. Anyone help??

Do you have a firewall that you have control of? If not, then you could try https://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html

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So I think it is a hardware thing, as I tried switching networks and got the same results. However, when I tried on a different computer, it worked! While this is great, that computer isn’t mine and I’d like it to work on my PC.

Still need some help

Have you looked at @albionsrefuge 's advice?
It is probably not a problem with your hardware but with your software namely your Firewall, try adding CC to your exceptions list or using the TorBrowser linked.

Thanks everyone! The tor worked! :smiley: So happy now, thanks, this community is awesome!