Unable to connect to Codeacademy

I have been using using Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox for some time to finish codeacademy courses. Cleared cookies and web cache for both browsers

Currently on Python’s Practice Makes perfect. Excercise#: 15 median.

Using the Windows 2008 R2 through Citrix Client.
this issue has been consistent for about 3 days in row.

Dito… same problem.

Just noticed something peculiar…the websites button design have changed in the last half hour…are we going through a website upgrade/maintainance??

It feels odd…not to be able to use the website for my course…it’s like how you miss coffee if you don’t get it regularly…

How long is this going on. I just tried it and was able to connect. Would it let us know if there is a system maintenance?

still having the same issue where I have not been able to log in for 4 days now. And there is no site notification stating that there is any maintenance or upgrade going on

Same issue with me. I’m on a Pro Intensive course that was to start today. In the lesson I’m getting an error that attempts to connect to Codecademy and eventually says “Lost connection to Codecademy.”

I think it is a problem with your computer.

Mabye restarting will help. Also seeing if you are not connected to Wi-Fi to see if your connection is down.

They had a course update recently.

I find it very hard to believe that this could be an internet connection issue, as they would not have been able to make their previous posts if they were not connected to the internet. As for the restarting your computer idea, you can try it, but I doubt it will work, considering more than one person is experiencing the same issue.

This is not a maintenance issue either, as many people (including myself) are able to access the courses just fine. Codecademy is aware of this issue, and is currently working on a solution. We will let you know if and when this gets fixed.

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There are currently no new rollouts for a new course on Python as per their catalog…My past experience with codeacademy has shown that they keep the old course active while launching a new course. Should there be an event where the older course is obsolete, they notify the users to switch over to the new course.

But, your theory is sound…problem is, this is happening at both at work as well as at home with my laptop.

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It was in august.
If you look closely, the python course is called "Learn Python’ after the update.

And I started my course in November 2017. But thanks for pointing that out.

UPDATE: In the words of Dr. Victor Frankenstein…“It’s Alive!!”.

that’s right folks i see it connected now. thank you.

I was looking at Codecademy and saw a message saying As of August 01, 2017, the Python course has been replaced with our new course Learn Python. Please read our blog post for more information about our recent course content changes.

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I still can’t connect to any courses after a couple of weeks. Maybe I’ll just start a new account and see if that helps.

Are you using your Google id or Facebook id.

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