Unable to connect to code academy

I have a problem when I’m using code academy, after finishing some lessons it starts to pop up the message ‘Unable to connect to Codecademy. Refresh the page to reconnect.’ and I can´t continue to the next lessons
COURSE: Learn JavaScript
I have done the next steps.

  • Check Internet connection (Good internet connection with low ping) — still displaying the message
  • Check Firewall (there’s no interference) — still displaying the message
  • Reload the page (Hard reload) — still displaying the message
  • Delete cookies and reload — still displaying the message
  • Restart my computer — still displaying the message
  • Use another browser — still displaying the message

I’m really sure that my computer is not the problem.

@erhartfabiancastillo make sure your browser isn’t incognito and unpin your extensions (The security and/or adblocker ones usually interfere with CC connections).


I will try it and see if it works

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It didn’t work :frowning: any suggestions?

You could try looking at the troubleshooting guide


In addition to @megn09’s comment there’s a wee CC page that mentions the sites you need to make the learning environment tick over correctly. Worth double checking any adblockers, script blockers, firewalls and similar that could interfere-

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