Unable to click "Save" more than once

  • Firefox 44, x64
  • Xubuntu x64
  • Ghostery and uBlock disabled

Whether the answer is correct or not, I can only hit “Save” once before refreshing the page. This is truly annoying as sometimes a refresh clears out my work.

The following is a screenshot AFTER I clicked Save on a correct answer. I hit continue, and now the button is blank. But if you inspect the element, there is a hidden “ui-loading” spinner, preventing me from clicking the button.

This new platform is extremely buggy and slow. Is there a way to access the old platform on Codecademy? I noticed that it started being used when the Rails course was introduced. But as I said, it is far too annoying to refresh the page every time and possibly lose all my code.

I would like to see if we can reliably reproduce this.

I’ve just tried with OS X and Firefox 45. It does not make me refresh the page before letting me submit again.

Any other Ubuntu users want to try it and post your experience?

Windows 10 Home with Firefox 45 does the same thing.

Let me be clear: Codecademy does not make me refresh the page. Rather, the only solution I’ve found to get the Save button working again is to refresh.

Just so I understand:

  • click the Save & Submit button
  • code checking takes place and you pass or not
  • Save & Submit button now shows a gear instead of text
  • refreshing/reloading the web page returns the Save & Submit button to text

Works fine for me in Firefox Developer Edition 47.0a2 and Firefox 45.0.

Here’s what I did in both browsers, both with uBlock Origin enabled:

  1. Go to https://www.codecademy.com/courses/getting-started-v2/0/1
  2. Press the “Save & Submit Code” button
  3. Close the “Way to go!” slideup bar
  4. Go to step 2 and repeat several times

No problems there for me.


This has happened to me before, but only when my computer idles for around 5 minutes. :slight_smile:

I’ve haven’t seen it happen in JavaScript before. I think that Python/PHP have more trouble with this.