Unable to change language setting


i am unable to change the language of the JavaScript course to english its showing on spanish can someone please show me a way out of it and yeah i changed the language setting to English and my browser too but nthn is helping


K, I don't know what will fix it, but here's just some stuff I would try:

Try starting from here:

If you're still getting spanish, scroll down to the very very bottom of that page and change language to English.

Here's also a direct link to the first English JS exercise:

I'm not sure what the priorities are for how the content is served, but your browser might also be saying that it prefers pages in spanish. What you select on the page probably takes precedence over that though.

Sorry to repeat what you've said you've done already, never know though.


thank you so much your link just worked otherwise my browser's translation was not even making sense it made me feel like i wanted to cry .... but now thanks to you its working so far @ionatan


and again i cnt type in the console well someone please help


Do you mean that your code takes user input and you can't enter it?
Or that you can't use the editor?

If the exerceise isn't displaying correctly, switching browsers might help, you might for example have some interfering configurations or addons.

Or is it a connection issue? If so you could try a proxy, like the tor-project, to get around firewalls if you think there might be any of those between you and codecademy