Unable to call pipenv

Hello all,
I am 68% into the course Learn Python 3 and reached the point where I need to install pipenv (link to the exercise).

I am on windows, but have Bash installed. I use Python version 3.10.7. I have ran:

pip3 install --user pipenv

And got the expected “not on PATH” message. So I opened vi:

vi ~/.bash_profile

And typed:

export PATH=“/Users/bpere/AppData/Roaming/Python/Python310:$PATH”

(since the warning about not being on PATH referred to this string of directories).
I saved vi with wq!, restarted Bash, then called pipenv:

source ~/.bash_profile
pipenv --version

But it gives me:

bash: pipenv: command not found

I have talked to some programmer friends and they believe the re-routing was done correctly. They’re also not sure of why the directory wasn’t re-pathed, but as a last measure they suggested me to use sudo to install pipenv globally. So I entered:

sudo pip install pipenv

But then it gives me

bash: pipenv: command not found

Bash not having sudo is very curious, and also leaves me with no other solutions… What is going on?

did you check the docs?




Or, b/c you have pip3, you might need to do this instead to install it globally.

sudo -H pip3 install -U pipenv

Or, check the forums b/c there are 50+ posts about this same issue that others have solved.