UI UX Design into Development and Coding questions

As time passes, I notice that I am more and more interested in the development (front-end?) side of things. It sucks being able to design things but not make them properly usable myself, like websites and other things. I dabble in HTML and CSS a bit but that’s nowhere near a professional level and I’m absolutely sure there are many other languages I would still have to learn to be able and pull off web development properly (PHP, JavaScript etc.?)

I came here to try and learn, expand on my knowledge. Because I figure since I learned large parts of how to design myself, and I see no reason why I wouldn’t be able to do the same with development.

Thing is, do I need to purchase web development “courses” to learn development languages here? Or are they available for free? How does it work here?

Thank you for any input you can provide!

codecademy has three tiers:


The pro tier (quizzes + freeform projects) is $20/month subscription, the pro-intensive are separated course(s) and cost $200, but you get the pro-tier as well

Thank you for the swift response.

What exactly is meant with “freeform projects”?

exactly what is says, the project contains instructions, but no way to get the correct answer. You can use these projects for your portfolio.

So its more of a rough guideline instead of a full blown guide how to do x or y?

yes, exactly.

And a full fledged course would be costing about $200 then yes?

no, the free content/tier also has courses. Please see here:


what pro and pro-intensive tier contains. As programmer, your attitude should be curious. Trying to figure things out, there is plenty of information available which you can find with a simple google search after i told you about the different tiers

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Okay well thank you very much for now :slight_smile: