I am new and just started. I’m currently working through the “Learn the Command Line” program and will be done with it shortly. I will then be looking to learn Ubuntu, but I can’t seem to find it here, is there a learning process for Ubuntu on this site?



Hey there.

There’s no course material that I’m aware of which is an introduction to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a Linux variant (or “distro”), so a great many aspects of how it works are similar to other distros. It’s a free operating system, though, so there’s nothing to stop you downloading it and playing around with it - either in a virtual machine or by using a Live CD.

There are a wide range of tutorials available on the Ubuntu website if you’d like to take a look? :slight_smile:


Edx also has an introduction to linux course:

which they update every year, which you can audit for free. Covers a bit of everything (from file system to command line and more)


Thanks so much for your help!