U.S. Medical Insurance Project / Sonjay

Hi everyone;

Hope you’re doing fine.

I would deeply appreciate if you could provide feedback on my US MEDICAL INSURANCE COST section project. Juest a head up: I’m new in the data science career path and basically data science world overall

Thanks in advance, for your help.

You have to set the repo “public”. As it is now, I get a 404 error.

My bad, It is public now.

Would really appreciate your feedback on the code. Thanks a lot!

Do you have a Jupyter notebook that you can push to that gh repo? Without any code output, it’s difficult to review the project.

Also, it might be a good idea to add a readme file with a sentence or two that describes the dataset and citing the data source would be helpful too.

Thanks a lot for your patience.
The necessary should be here:

Looking forward for your insights.

There’s nothing in the .ipynb file.

The code sec. just has the meta data for that file.

I was trying to understand why when uploading the file being used with Jupyter notebook, this is not being read in Github.

I needed to downloaded it as a Jupyter Notebook as a separate file and have already uploaded it to the repository in GH. Is the ipynb with the word “file” in the end.

Let me know your thoughts and thanks for taking the time.

It’s all a learning process. :slight_smile:

  • One thing you might want to do is calculate the median for the column charges b/c there are outliers in the data that pull the mean… One way to do that is you can import the stats library and use .median() on the list of values.
    See: Calculating Mean, Median, and Mode in Python

  • I like that you broke down the different age groups for the variables to get a more granular look at what comprises the data set.

Good work, keep it going.

Thanks @lisalisaj

I will work on the median for the insurance cost. I believe I got so focused on averages, that I overlooked that important detail.

Your feedback has been encouraging. I am currently trying to get pass the 2 assessment exams. Wish me luck.

Hopefully this won’t be the last time get to share thoughts with each other. :slight_smile:

Take care! :feather:

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