U.S Medical Insurance Project - for review

Hello folks!

I will appreciate your feedback regarding my solution for U.S Medical insurance project.

First of all, I understand that error handlers and comments are missing in my code, but I’ve decided to skip this part intentionally to save my time.

From math perspective I’m not sure that some logic is correct (for instance how I implemented calculation of average cost 1 unit increasing for BMI and age), meanwhile, I consider this more like python practice, rather than math.

There are two classes: Insurance and Dataset.
In main.py you can call different Dataset methods to get analytics for list of insurances from CSV file.

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Congrats on completing the project. :tada:

This is part of the Data Science path, yes? It seems like you have a good handle on how to maneuver around a csv file and create classes and functions.

The main issue that I will point out is that anyone reading the notebook cannot see any output from the functions you’ve created. It might be helpful to use Jupyter Notebook or an alternative would be Google Colab & then upload that notebook to your GitHub repo. If you could use either of those, one could see the output of the code analysis.

Data analysts and scientists are storytellers and give a voice to the data. A notebook of an analysis tells a story and gives the audience an idea of the purpose of the study/the questions you’re trying to answer–if possible–from the data. (This data set is primarily for EDA purposes—exploring insurance costs in different regions of the country and what, if any, potential variables might affect those costs. It’s a data set that is used at several different phases of the DS path and, as one gains more skills those skills are applied to the project in order to glean more insights from the data. So, as you learn about other Python libraries like Pandas, SciPy, etc. you can do more analysis like hypothesis testing and correlation between variables.)

Good work!

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Thanks for your feedback.
I’ll come back to the project keeping in mind your suggestions.

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Hi all, here’s my project. Feel free to take a look and make some suggestions for how I could have done it more efficiently.
Jada :slight_smile:

My US Insurance GitHub Project

What kind of efficiency are you looking for? Few lines of code? If so look into collections — Container datatypes — Python 3.10.0 documentation for counting the number of people in each region for example. Faster execution? Look into timeit — Measure execution time of small code snippets — Python 3.10.0 documentation to measure the time different code blocks take to execute and try alternatives.

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