U.S Medical Insurance Costs

Hey guys,

Here’s my attempt on the project!

I had a bit of an issue trying to convert the initial data injection into integers from strings; mostly because I avoided setting the data type in the CSV beforehand, forcing myself to use Python. This cost me quite a bit of time!

I spent maybe 2 and a half hours trying a few different things, I ended up spending most of my time trying to build an input tool that would have let users put in their age/sex/bmi etc and then recieve an estimated cost, but ultimately I just couldn’t get it to work and I felt I had spent enough time and learned enough from this challenge

I set out to do way more than I actually did, but after spinning my wheels for quite a while I thought it would be best to move on and maybe circle back later on in the course and see what changes I can make when I’ve got more experience with Python