U.S. Medical Insurance Costs - Review

Hello everyone.
The project that I want share with y’all is the Portfolio Project: U.S. Medical Insurance Costs.
It is very simple, especially because it was made essentially with the fundamentals of Python, so lists, dictionaries, files manipulation.

In this project I classified the insurances by region. Then I found the insurances located in a specific region. Then, for last, I found, and I printed, the average age of the insurances in specific region (in my project, for example, I used South-East as region interested; but you can also try with North-West, or Nort-East, or South-West)

The goals that I set myself is:

  • Categorize insurances by region, and print the first 15 recorded insurances located in that region (I choosed South-East)

  • Find the the average age of insurances located in a specific region (the same used for resolve previous scope)

The results is:

  • The average age of South-East’s insurance is 10 years old

The project took me one day.

Can you please give me your feedbacks? Especially for improve my coding skills, and for improve my programming mindset.
Thank’s y’all.

The project’s repo is at this link: https://github.com/matteosposato/codecademy_portfolio_project_insurance_costs