U.S. Medical Insurance Costs Project

Hello, posting my US Medical Insurance Costs portfolio project for feedback.

I found the project relatively straightforward. Per usual I had to refer to docs a few times to get my syntax correct. I spent about one day on the project.

US Medical Insurance Costs on GitHub

Congrats on finishing up.

I think it’s worth reconsidering the labels on the age-grouping bar plots. Values like 10 are a little misleading and should perhaps be less than 20 and then 20-30 etc. etc. There should be enough space to do so or consider rotating the labels.

There are a few more options for analysis in this dataset that you’ve yet to explore so consider doing a little more work if you find the time. Analysis of smoking in particular may be worthwhile as it has a very large impact on this particular dataset.

Thank you very much for your feedback. Your comment concerning the labels in the graphs is spot on. I’ve posted an update. I didn’t attack “smokers” as I felt that I got what I wanted out of the exercise.

Thank you,

Hello, please note the new location of the repo: