U.S. Medical Insurance Costs Project Submission for Review

Hello my name is Ben and I have just completed the U.S. Medical Insurance Costs Project and have submitted my analysis here for some peer review. I’m still getting to grips with the whole Data Science subject but I truly love how this project was delivered in a real world feel by simply giving guidelines and letting people find out by themselves using the data provided. I did not find this project difficult but that might be perspective as it took me about 2-3 hours to complete over as many days.
I have provided a link to the Repo here: https://github.com/BAC-bac/U.S.-Medical-Insurance-Costs-Project-Submission

Your comments both complimentary and constructive are massively appreciated.

Welcome to the forums and congrats on completing the project. :partying_face:

Seems like you understand how to maneuver around the data and know how to use Pandas. I like that you utilized the text boxes in Jupyter (or is that Colab?) to describe your thought processes while you were exploring the data. Remember, us data people are also storytellers. :slight_smile:

Minor: One thing you could do when you use Seaborn (or Matplotlib) is the use plt.show() which will get rid of those pesky lines <matplotlib.axes._subplots.AxesSubplot at 0x7f600ad47b10> above your graphs/vizzes.

Good work! :panda_face:

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Thanks for your feedback. Really appreciate it and will definitely remember the plt.show() line to remove the error/warnings.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your response so it has definitely demonstrated that I should definitely be involved a little more in the forums and with other like minded people as learning to code alone is an even longer road to success than if you do the journey with community members.
Thank you so much and I truly hope you have an amazing day.

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Cool. Glad I could help!

Happy coding! :woman_technologist:t2: :man_technologist:t2:

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