U.S. Medical Insurance Costs Project (Feedback welcome)

The project was extremely fun and I learned some new stuff (outside of the Codecademy’s curriculum) while stuggling to answer some questions and searching on the internet. I have provided links to those resources as well as I tried to comment the code as much as I could.

It took my a while, ~ 2 weeks, as I was working on it every now and then while also trying to progress on the path. That is why I tried to incorporate both concepts that we were taught so far but also concepts that we are taught after this project such as manipulating a CSV file with the Pandas library.

Here is the link to my notebook uploaded on GitHub.

P.S. I included a “TODO” list which I aim to work after the Machine Learning part of the curriculum.
P.S.2 I would highly appreciate if anyone that wants to provide feedback did that through GitHub comments.

Thank you in advance.