U.S. Medical Insurance Costs Project Code Review Needed

Hi to all my codecademy fellow!

I just finished this portfolio project on codecademy and I thought It’s better to share my solution with people and make improvements by receiving reviews from y’all.

This project was easy than I predicted. It took me around 1-2 hours to implement my type of solution. I only used functions because implementing a class for each data set would take up too much of memory. Here :file_folder: is the direct link for the github repo of this project.

Link :link: to project: U.S. Medical Insurance Costs

Please hit me up with your suggestions to further extend this project and code reviews :page_with_curl: You can either reply below or scroll to the end of the jupyter notebook of project to find alternative contact details.

Thank You in advance. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S. I would also love to hear about your stuff related to this project :wink:

Looks cool, man. I am also learning Python. I specifically liked your mean deviation function. I didn’t think of that. I also just finished this project recently.