U.S. Medical Insurance Costs - Analyzed Smokers by Sex and Region

Hi, everyone!

I just finished my portfolio project… for now. I say that because I think I will come back to this to try some new things out from time to time.
The most difficult part of this project for me was deciding how much time to spend on it and what to analyze. It’s so open-ended to be given a set of data and be told to “analyze it.” I ended up looking at the percentage of men and of women in each region who smoke to see if there was anything interesting there. I discovered that the percentage of smokers is highest for both men and women in the Southeast. That’s also where the difference between male and female smokers is greatest. Overall, this took me about 3.5 hours.

One skill I wish I were more comfortable with at this point is using classes. I made a class in my code here to practice, but I did not use it. I would appreciate any feedback for how I could possibly do the analysis I performed with classes instead of just using some lists and functions. (Anything else would be great, too.)

Here’s the code. Thanks again!