U.S. Medical Insurance Cost project

Good afternoon!

I want to share with you my first python project. It used the pandas library and faker. It was an interesting work experience.

It would be interesting to work with someone in the team. So if anyone is interested please write.

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Faker is really cool (IMO).

Interesting use of it here too! (Though, names aren’t really important/needed for the data set b/c it’s all a random sample and names wouldn’t be included in the sample data in the first place b/c of privacy issues.)
That said, and straying from topic…this is a good read

Really good work here.

  • One small thing I would suggest is to add a description at the top of the notebook that includes your data questions and/or what you want to look at in the data.
    Ex: avg. charges per region, do men or women have higher charges overall & in what regions, do people have higher charges based on the number of children they have? etc, etc.
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Thank you for your comment.

I agree about adding a comment to the project. I will add.

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