U.S. Medical Insurance Cost Project (Feedback is welcome!)

Hello! Here is my US Medical Insurance Project. This took me about a day to complete and was a great chance to practice the skills that we learned in the path. Please let me know if you have any suggestions/feedback!


Congrats on finishing the project. Seems like you understand exploratory data analysis (EDA)–how to write functions, loops and use the csv library. You also did a good job with text/markdown cells and explaining what you were doing with your code which is great b/c it helps the reader/audience understand what you’re doing with the data.

However, (and I say this a LOT here concerning this dataset) I would be careful about numbers like bmi and making any sort of assumptions or recommendations based on it.
The average costs breakdown w/bmi for example–the costs could be due to another factor in addition to whatever bmi number is. On its own, bmi is controversial as a measure of one’s health. It doesn’t distinguish between muscle and fat and doesn’t take into consideration bone density or structure, age, ethnicity or sex.
If you wanted to do more research on the history of that number (it’s based on European white males). It’s basically a number that U.S. insurance companies use to charge people more for insurance. It’s not an accurate measure of one’s health and any recommendations based on it would be suspect.