U&ME Python Terminal Game


This is the final project of CS101 (Computer Science - Introduction to Programing) from CodeCademy that I’ve developed.

I’ve shared in DEV.TO - The U&ME Terminal Game

I’d like to hear some feedbacks.

Thank you!

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I like your project, it is cute and an excellent idea. Would you continue to maintain it?

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Hi cap_jmk, thank you for your feedback, and yes, I’d like to maintain the project as soon as possible, I pretend to develop the application with the Django Framework and release more features.

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That sounds like a great idea. Did you plan on the UI yet?

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Hey there!

Idea is cool, I think there’s a way to gamify it and make your project closer to requirements in task description.

You can add players, who can add questions and answers about them (and after that clear terminal). Save this data in a separate .txt files in a separate folder. Also you can add classes for each player and each question-answer.


Not yet, but I pretend.

Nice idea. Is it hosted on Github?

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Yes, you can find it here U&ME

Nice, one! What features do you imagine?