Typography Project: problems with the @font-face

Hello I am stuck on question 7: Instead of linking the font from index.html , you realize it would be a better to import Google fonts in the files directly into stylesheets with the @font-face property.

Use the @font-face property to import the fonts directly to the stylesheets, and remove the <link> tags that reference the Google fonts from the index.html page.

I don’t know how to do the url and the format and the fonts are * Abril Fatface,
Work Sans in font-weight 400, 500, and 800.

Hi @digital8319312836
you haven’t linked the lesson, but from what I remember, it provides a link to the Google Webfonts Helper.
There you can browse your fonts and just copy the code for the font-face rule they provide and paste it into your CSS. You just need to adjust the paths depending on where your folder with the font is located on your computer in relation to your CSS.