Typography project. 7. Link not working in URL to show the @font-Face

I am having trouble getting the the following link to show me the @font-face text with the /latin/ when I copy and paste into the URL it Just shows another link back to the google font page. *I am using a google chrome browser which has worked for the previous examples of this in the course.


my email address is rob.p.hingley@gmail if you cannot see this.

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Rob Hingley

Sorry, this is the link:

When I copy and past to the URL it doesn’t give me the @face-font option.

Your link is not showing so I cannot see your code.

Hey :wave:

Sorry about that. I thought I had added it. Hopefully it is now below:

link href=“https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abril+Fatface|Merriweather:400,400i|Work+Sans:400,500,800&display=swap” rel=“stylesheet”

I just had to remove the < at the start and the end > to make the link show. :roll_eyes:

I’ve got it to work :grinning:

This was the link I need to use:


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