Typography: Getting an error when pasting Google Fonts link?

This is my first time creating a topic, so I hope I’ve put this in the correct place. I’m doing the learn how to build websites and got stuck in the Typogrophy section, here is the link.

The problem was when I pasted the link from Google Fonts, it came up as incorrect. Even though Google seemed to have changed the layout since the video on the previous task, I was able to select Space Mono and the font weights 400 and 700. Thus, I don’t understand why it’s not accepting it.

In the end I accepted the solution. On closer inspection, the difference between the solution and Google Fonts links were slightly different (both had the Space Mono and font weights in the links)

Why is this happening?

Hey @jgokop!

I think this may be the topic you’re looking for. Apparently, a new version of google font has added something onto the URL which makes the lesson fail.

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