Typo in string

Hey guys!
On Iterators - second page - Instruction 1 I’ve coded the following:

Code block 1:

fruits.forEach(fruit =>
 console.log('I want to eat ' + fruit));

Code block 2:

function printFruit(element){
  console.log('I want to eat ' + element);


Both display correct result however I still get error saying " In your callback function do you console.log() to print 'I want to eat _____ ? In the blank, you should concatenate or interpolate the element in fruits array?"

your sentence is incorrect, the output should be:

I want to eat a apple

you output:

I want to eat apple

When you focus on the important things you miss the little details. Pardon and thanks! :slight_smile:

There is a typo in the automated test then because this was misleading for me too. The instructions say one thing but then the error says something else.

Can you provide the exercise url so i can check?