Typo in Python String Methods

In the “STRING METHODS” lesson in PYTHON the instructions state “…The output will be the number of letters in “Norwegian Blue”!” However, the LEN function does not count LETTERS. That is a small but important point to convey and I think could be teaching people the wrong definition of LEN.

The .len() function checks the length of a string or list, wether those characters are letters or otherwise. This is exactly why codecademy teaches. In most instances, the .len() function would be used to check the number of characters in a string, or the number of items in a list, which is why codecademy teaches it this way.

I think you are missing the point.

The point is there is a bad term on the webpage that needs to be changed.

LEN does NOT count letters as is stated on the lesson. Taken from the instructions it states “…The output will be the number of letters in “Norwegian Blue”!”

Letters would = 13 but LEN answer is 14 (correctly) because of the space.

I’m trying to point this out to the correct people so that this wording in the lesson can be changed.

I see your point. The codecademy discussion forums may not have been the best place to put this. I recommend finding a way to directly report this to the codecademy team.


Thank you for reporting this incorrect wording, you are in the right place.

The good and bad news is that this is one of the older courses and time is being put into converting old courses rather than fixing them at this point. I don’t have a timeline for the Python course yet but it is on the list.