Typo in lesson instructions - more list comprehensions

hello mtf
I have a question regarding this lesson - more list comprehension in loops. I copied the text below.

Let’s say we’re working with the usernames list from the last exercise:

>>> print(usernames)
["@coolguy35", "@kewldawg54", "@matchamom"]
We want to create a new list with the string " please follow me!" added to the end of each username. We want to call this new list messages. We can use a list comprehension to make this list with one line:

messages = [user + " please follow me!" for user in usernames]
This list comprehension:

Takes a string in usernames
Assigns that number to a variable called user
Adds “ please follow me!” to user
Appends that concatenation to the new list called messages
Repeats steps 1-4 for all of the strings in usernames

My question is why the text says assign that NUMBER to a variable, I don’t get why it is being a number.
This is the first time I post question on this forum. So if there is anything I have done inproperly, I would be happy to learn.

Your guess is as good as mine. Could be a typo.

Assigns that member to a variable...

in is a membership operator. for member in group.

Thanks for reporting this. That does indeed look like a typo. We’re getting it taken care of.

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